Testimonials about Christine Nguyen, L.Ac.

“Christine is not only thoughtful about her approach to healing all aspects of the mind and body, she is extremely thorough as well. She has great knowledge of her profession and provides information and instruction which is easy to understand and follow. It is always a pleasure to spend a little time with Christine each week and I always leave the office feeling relaxed and healthier.”

N.H.  Denver, CO

“Christine is one of the best therapists I know. She is deeply intuitive and truly loves her patients and her work. She constantly strives to increase her skill base both personally and professionally. Christine is one of the sweetest and purest souls I have had the privilege to meet, it is an honor to be her colleague. 

Erica Eickhoff, LMP
Owner, Uma Clinic – Seattle, WA

“Christine has helped me with quite a few situations. From a cold/flu that wouldn’t go away, severe heel pain, headaches, poor sleeping, messed up knee, depression, and anxiety. She’s amazing and wonderful at the same time.” 

B.R. Denver, CO

“My wife went to Christine due to a deviated septum and chronic headaches and was immediately able to find relief. The treatments have completely eliminated the chronic headaches she suffered for years. I am so thrilled to see my wife smile a pain free smile and she will continue to see Christine because every visit helps my wife to feel better in other areas. You have been a true blessing to us and I am grateful you could help my wife so much!”

A.K. Aurora, CO

“Christine is simply amazing at what she does. When I first came to Christine, I was skeptical to say the least. Everything that I had known growing up told me that Acupuncture was a fad and hocus pocus. After years of trouble sleeping and take various medications, I decided to see if acupuncture might be the answer to my problems. Christine took the time to find out who I was and what issues I was having. Even with a fear of needles, she put me at ease with her knowledge of the body. She told me what to expect and how she could help. After an hour session I felt relaxed and ready to take on the world. I slept well that night and for many nights after. There is no doubt that Christine has been blessed with the skills that she possesses and anyone would do well to take her advice on how to live a more healthy lifestyle. Thank you Christine!”

J.C. Aurora, CO

“Since late 2008 Christine has provided chronic pain management and women’s health therapies for my endometriosis. At age 14 I was diagnosed with this painful reproductive disease and have gone through multiple surgeries, hormone treatments, and tried every pain pill out there with limited success. Christine’s acupuncture techniques, craniosacral therapies, visceral manipulation and Chinese Herbs have changed my life. I no longer rely on pain pills, or hormone replacements to make it through the day! Thank you! 

Christine has become a great friend. I don’t know what I would do without your expertise!”

A.F.  Denver, CO

“Christine is an exceptional acupuncturist, health advocate and healer. She is patient, knowledgeable and does her best to determine the root of a health concern rather than diving right in. With her treatments, the health issues I had (neck and back pain) were significantly and noticeably improved. If I could only have her with me every day to ensure I follow her guidelines, I’d be all set! I have recommended Christine to many friends & family, and will continue to recommend her without hesitation.”

 B.A.  Denver, CO

“Christine helped me with allergies and with a hand injury. I was very happy with her work. She was able to get better results than over the counter treatments and than M.D.s who simply pushed pills. She has also helped my wife with a serious shoulder injury with good results.”

 J.U.  Golden, CO

 “I have used Christine in the past and found her services to be outstanding. She is highly professional in her services. I would and do recommend her.”

G.M.  Wheat Ridge, CO

“I first came to Christine for acupuncture therapy a few years ago for lower back pain; however, the increased health benefits keep me coming back every month. When I feel a cold coming on, she’s able to pull out the toxins using a cupping method. When my joints are sore from an intense workout, she knows where the needles will relieve the pain. But it is her sense of humor and professional expertise that I look forward to when my body is just in need of a wellness treatment. If you haven’t before tried acupuncture, I recommend Christine to feel at ease and healthy.” 

D.C.  Golden, CO

“Acupuncture was never first on my list of things to have done to feel better, but I could not be more mistaken. Christine knows how to make things work to get you feeling the way you should. She listens and understands you, she then takes the time to administer a treatment specific for you. She supplements the work done with supporting herbs and guidance. She really does know her craft and geniunely cares for you. Take a moment get to know her and you will find out what a true healer is really like.”

M.M.  Denver, CO

“Christine Nguyen at Transformational Healing Arts is absolutely amazing, she has used acupuncture with a mixture of herbal remedies to improve my strength, structure, and performance. My wife and I were training hard for the Rock N’ Roll Marathon in San Diego, so we began acupuncture treatment with Christine in April 5th, 2005. We had weekly appointments to treat mid- to lower-back, knee, hip, and foot discomfort from running. After each treatment with Christine, the pain was noticeably less than the week before. By mid-May, we had NO pain when walking or running, and we had been running nearly 30-miles per week. 

Christine is a caring person and is very gentle in the application of the needles, working in a calm, relaxing (non-threatening) atmosphere. I highly recommend her, and since the marathon we continue to see Christine for everything including the common cold, headaches, an occassional toothache, low energy, and more…Again, I think Christine Nguyen at Transformational Healing Arts is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! 

N.M.  Denver, CO

“Christine is a gifted and intuitive healer who knows her stuff! She has helped me with my menopausal symptoms as well as other health issues. Christine loves what she does so she is continually learning and adding to her knowledge and skills. I highly recommend her services.”

V.M.  Denver, CO

“Christine Nguyen is a true gift to the healing community. She is highly gifted in her ability to feel Chi and know exactly where to put the needles. I had a lifetime of dealing with arrhythmia and other heart related problems from rheumatic fever. During one of Christine’s treatments, I suddenly could feel the inside back walls of all the chambers of my heart. Since then, my heart has been incredibly healthier and arrhythmia is now a very rare experience. I am stronger and happier for working with her.”

D.S.  Denver, CO

Christine Nguyen is absolutely one of the greatest healers and blessed soul I have ever had the privilege to meet and count as friend and client. I highly recommend her and ALL HER healing talents, skills and gifts.”

J.M.  Denver, CO

“Christine combined her skill with gentle humor to put me at ease with the various modalities she offers and the unique Chinese herbs…Both the acupuncture and herbs have given me a noticeable physical and emotional benefit. I appreciate her interest in my health and for being a bridge between Western and Eastern approaches to better health.”

K.E.  Centennial, CO

“Christine Nguyen is a gifted and intuitive healer. She draws on many different modalities to find the most advantageous path to healing. I came to Christine with a long list of complaints and ailments; the worst on the list was a fifteen year fatigue problem. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my energy level. After treatment, I am able to climb twelve stairs carrying a full load of laundry, go on extended shopping excursions, dance for two and a half hours, and enjoy life without tiring. My blood pressure has lowered to a healthy level and my digestion improved. An hour with Christine is worth two as she packs many services as to achieve the most productive results. I have found Christine to be a very caring and sincere person that I look forward to seeing every week. She shares her knowledge, skill and laughter along with her healing energy. Christine truly has an ancient healing wisdom in her hands. May she be blessed as she continues to bless others.”
P.W.  Thornton, CO

“Christine… what wonderful experiences I have had from your treatments. I was very hesitant to try acupuncture since I don’t like needles. Your office and mannerism was very soothing and put me at ease. When you inserted the first needle in my foot, I felt a surge of energy move up and around my body. It was amazing. I have felt the positive changes in my body regarding the things you were focused on treating and more. I would recommend you to anyone looking for help with their energy and health. Thank you.”

S.L.  Denver, CO

“Christine is a Master at her trade. She is truly gifted. She has an innate ability to listen, be thorough in her care/treatment offered to her clients and provides the highest level of compassion.” 

R.A.  Denver, CO

“Christine has been a very highly valued volunteer at the Shadowcliff HIV Retreats each summer for many years. The retreat offers a variety of body work therapies to the participants for the 3 day weekend. All the volunteers work tirelessly delivering professional and very valued healing therapies. She excels in both her acupuncture skills and her compassionate interaction with the retreat participants.”

Michael Dorosh, Director at Treatment Education Network, Denver, CO

“I am honored to write a recommendation for Ms. Christine. As a lifelong athlete who has suffered many injuries as well as been treated by many different types of medical practitioners, I definitely give Christine high honors. I have used her to help with stress concerns, digestion issues and pain management. I consider her to be at the top of her game and believe her to be the best acupuncturist I have ever used!”

K.B. Aurora, CO

“I had some issues with my knees so I thought I would try acupuncture. Christine was very thorough in asking me questions on the type and severity of pain I was experiencing so she could determine the best form of treatment. Well, I have to say after several treatments, my pain was gone and now my knees feel much better even a year and a half later. Keep up the great work and I would highly recommend her to anyone with chronic pain in any joint.”

J.C.  Denver, CO

“Through Christine’s vast knowledge of the human body she has been able to help me sleep, fight a staph infection, heal my shoulder, walk better, change my mood, and generally live a better life. I would think everyone would benefit from her expertise.”

E.J.  Arvada, CO

“Christine always makes sure she understands all that is happening in my life, not just my body to be sure the treatment is tailored to what I need most. Every time I leave her office I feel better and the treatment helps my body readjust!”

R.S.  Denver, CO

“Christine is great at determining what your body needs.”

L.B.  Denver, CO

“Christine is a very caring, professional and experienced healer. After my treatments with her, I feel more energetic and alive. Acupuncture is NOT painful. For the price of what a mani/pedi or facial or massage costs, I feel pain-free and full of energy.” 

S.S. Norfolk, VA

“I had a major injury that resulted in a prosthetic shoulder replacement, and Christine has helped me though my long rehab and recovery. Easing stiffing, swelling and minimizing pain. Plus, no more hot flashes!! I recommend using Christine to help with any injury or uncomfortable physical situation.”

J.S. Golden, CO

“Christine is a great acupuncturist, her knowledge on health, nutrition and how to achieve better health through acupuncture is excellent.”

M.K.T.  Torrance, CA

“Christine is a warm and caring professional. She brings a level of intuitiveness to her work which sets her apart from others who may have her same technical expertise as an acupuncturist. When I work with Christine, I feel I am working with a true healer.”

A.C.  Littleton, CO

“Christine helped my 84 year old mother with some nagging health issues, and after a few visits and some herbal supplements, she saw real improvement. Christine did an awesome job!!!!”

T.F.  Littleton, CO

“Christine combines years of experience and knowledge from a variety of healing disciplines. Her unique understanding and approach allows her clients to regain and maintain their health, when others have failed to provide them the successes that Christine can. Having worked with many acupuncturists, massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists over the years, both in teaching at the local acupuncture school and in clinical settings, I have to say that Christine’s work is superlative and I can not recommend her highly enough.”

Dr. Jeff Albright, DC   Denver, CO

“Christine was my first experience with an acupuncturist, but she has been my best experience so far with any health care provider. She is thoughtful, thorough, and gentle in her personality and application. I went to her for my own sinus blockage. I was in terrible pain. My head was pounding from the pressure. Christine saw me right away, calmed me down, and opened the blockage and got my sinus flowing again. I got immediate relief. Western medicine has been so disappointing with regard to my sinus problems and I have had them for years.”

S.L.  Lakewood, CO

“Christine Nguyen is a fabulous acupuncturist and I wish I lived in Denver so I could be treated by her regularly. 

I have received massage from Christine since 2002 when we were going to acupuncture college and have stayed in contact with her since. 

I consider her to be an expert in her field. She has completely saved my life on several occasions. 

Some of her special qualities are that she listens to your body on many levels and using many techniques like acupuncture, Chinese herbs, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and massage (to name a few), treats what is needed. 

Christine is one of the best practitioners I have ever been treated by in my life. I emphatically recommend Christine. You have everything to gain.” 

S.S.  Norfolk, VA

“Because I am not a fan of western medicine or pill-pushing doctors, when I came down with a nagging cold, the first person I thought of was Christine Nguyen. Throughout this year, we have gotten to know each other as colleagues, but also as people. 

Her intake process was detailed and in-depth, enabling her to diagnose what was going on with me. Christine introduced me to “cupping”, which is not only effective, but interesting, as well as overcoming my fear of needles (this was a very big deal for me and involved a lot of trust). 

In less than 24 hours, my nose started to clear and the sore throat began to mend. A day later, I was actually able to work a full day without feeling fatigued. I am actually excited to see Christine on a regular basis and learn more about her practice.”

K.T.  Denver, CO

“I have had many sessions with Christine, and each time I am amazed at her ability to intuitively know exactly what type of treatment I am searching for. Her care and concern for her clients shows in their faces and their bodies every time they come out of a session. She is a healer who continues to study new methods and techniques and combine them with knowledge and wisdom, all while honoring the centuries old practice of acupuncture.”

B.T.  Denver, CO

“Christine, I just wanted to thank you for this weekend at Shadow Cliff.  All you volunteers were great!  Sunday night was the first night in ten years that I’ve slept through the night without being awoken to shoulder pain…before I laid down on your table I had pain, and when you were through with me it was COMPLETELY GONE!  Thanks!”

M.  Denver, CO

“I have been seeing Christine for many years. She is a true expert in her field. She is an incredible acupuncturist and she is very passionate about her work. She truly heals people. She has been working with a number of my friends and family members and everyone has been very impressed with Christine and seen great results. Thank you, Christine for everything. You truly are remarkable.” 

R.W. Denver, CO

“I have been treated by Christine for four years and in this time I have had the pleasure of witnessing her skills as an extremely effective practitioner evolve. Her herbal, nutritional and acupuncture knowledge exceeds most and there is nothing she can’t treat effectively.”

S.S.  Norfolk, VA



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